Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lots and lots of bread

Today is New years day and I hope everyone has a great new year.  Today my brother, Russ and his wife Angie came over for dinner.  They spent Christmas in Michigan and so we celebrated Christmas tonight.  I decided to make my own bread and the recipe said it would make 24 rolls.  I must have make the rolls smaller than they were supposed to because it made double that and now we have lots and lots of bread. We set up our Netflix account tonight and I am watching the movie Julie/Julia.  It seems funny to me watching a movie about a woman who started a blog about cooking through Julia Child's cookbook while I have started a blog about crafting and cooking. Oh well, nothing more than that happened today.  Tomorrow working from 11 to 8:30 and then I will post a new blog message.  Scroll down to my new product spotlight for today.

Product spotlight

Handmade Christening dress

If I had to choose but one item I am most proud of, this is it. I have always wanted to make a christening dress, but I wanted to do it so stunningly that people would gasp. This is it. I debuted this at an art show recently and got nothing but ooohs and aaahs. The gown itself is made of the best quality bridal satin I could get my hands on. It is completely lined in batiste for the comfort of the baby. I have trimmed it with exquisite laces and adorned the top of the gown with swarovski crystals for that added bling. The showpiece of the gown is the jacket. It is made with bridal veil material and the back and the bottom of the front is heavily adorned with tiny pearls, sequins and beads and heavily embroidered also. I have also added all sorts of luxurious ribbons, bows, rosettes and pearls. It comes with a handmade satin bonnet that I have added additional beads, ribbons and laces. As if that wasn't enough, I also made satin bloomers that are lined with batiste. It is generously sized for anywhere between a 3 month old to a 9 month old. There is so much to this gown that I can't put in words. If you have any questions about this gown or any of my other products, please feel free to contact me.

Eleanor Saul   born February 7.

My mother, Eleanor, is my best friend.  She has helped me, guided me and loved me more than anyone I know.  She has had a lot of challenges in her life especially now.  She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and has problems with walking and getting around.  She tries her best but with alot of people with illnesses depression becomes a major issue. She is working through it and I know she will come out of the other side stronger.  Her and my father has come to live with my husband, kids and I and even though this is not an ideal situation for her and my father, it has become the best decision that was made.  It has been a source of joy and immense help to have them here and she loves spending  time with her grandchildren.  On January 11, 2010 she had a hysterectomy and unfortunately due to her diabetes, her wound never closed and she was on a wound vac for 4 months.  This would have brought another woman to her knees, but she persevered and has made a full recovery and is cancer free.  She is of Portuguese descent and is very proud of her heritage.  I love her more than she knows and I cannot envision my life without her.  On January 13th of this year she will have cataract surgery and I know she is nervous but again, I know she will handle that with the strength she has shown with everything else.  

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