Thursday, February 10, 2011

New family spotlight!!!!!!

Well greetings friends,

Why did the chef get arrested??  

He was caught beating an egg.

Ok, well maybe I should be working more on my business and less on making everybody laugh.  On the other hand, I think it goes hand in hand.  One of my goals in my business is to make someone happy.  Whether that means adding some beauty to their home with one of my glass creations or making them happy through a fancy cupcake.  If we all want our business to succeed we need to remember why we started it...... to do what we love and give people things we love.  Sometimes it feels as though I am grasping at straws trying to find that perfectly successful item.  I have been painting, sewing and baking for many many years and am still striving to find which one to focus on.  One day I am going to specialize in mother/daughter aprons and then the next day I am trying to make sugar flowers to sell on my etsy site.  I truly feel that someday I will be able to quit my full time job and focus on what I love to do most and that is working out of my home and selling my creations but I have to try to not be so compulsive about it.

I also have another dilemma, I wanted to ship out some of my sugar flowers to my cousin to see how they ship.  Unfortunately after wrapping them loosely in bubble wrap and tissue paper carefully then arrived completely broken and smashed.  They are pretty delicate as they are made out of rolling gum paste thin and then shaping each petal individually.  My cousin suggested sticking them flower which is on a skewer into styrophome so that they do not touch each other and ship them that way.  I also thought about pushing a piece of the styrophome into a plastic cup and putting the flower in each cup and shipping that in boxes.  Let me know what you think or if you have had any experience in shipping these types of flowers.

Here are some more cupcake liners:

Ok, here is what some of you have been waiting for, the family spotlight.....

My wonderful daughter, Kaitlyn Anne Wilson, then

and now....

She is one of the most beautiful people I know and I am proud to call her my daughter.  She was born on May 29, 1995 most of my best days of my life.  I know at her age we butt heads sometimes, but I truly feel as the years go by we will be the best of friends.  We love to do things together such as go to Disney, shop, go to the movies or just kid around dancing in the kitchen.  She has (hopefully) inherited some of my creativity in her photography and I hope that continues to be a passion for her as my creations have been a blessing to me.  She blows me away alot with her pictures the way she captures the image and makes it her own.

Well, that is about it for now folks.  Hopefully I will keep up more often and keep you up to date on things.