Monday, January 10, 2011

The chill of creativity

Greetings friends.  Well, I haven't kept up on my blog every day, but I am now gearing up for at least twice a week.  I have been busy working on some new crafts and cookies.  I got a cricut machine for Christmas and have discovered a cartridge for cupcake wrappers.  I love the look of them and am having a blast making them.  I am going to be selling them for 12.00 per dozen and I also have toppers that are a dozen for 6.00.  I can make them coordinating to any colors you need.  If you live in the Bradenton/Sarasota area I can also make you the cupcakes.  Someday I hope to open a bakery but have to wait until kids are out of school and the economy gets a bit better.  My flavors are a white champagne cake with raspberry filling, chocolate cake with Bavarian cream filling, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

I also made some Tarelles cookies.  I have a cake boss cookbook with some old Italian recipes.  So I decided to tackle the first recipe in the book and it was the Tarelles cookies.  Unfortunately they called for pastry flour but it has to be ordered on the Internet.  No problem.   So i got the flour in yesterday and made the cookies today.  They came out pretty good, but they were really great after I added the lemon glaze and some sprinkles to them.  I am going to sell them for 6.00 per bag.  There are approximately 2 dozen in each bag and they make a great gift.  They ship well, so you can purchase them and I will send them to you.  Here are some pics of the new products.  Make sure you scroll down to the family/friends profile to see who I have chosen this week.  You will be pleasantly inspired.

Tarelles cookies

Family/friends spotlight

The Leary's

The Leary's are a special family.  The woman in the picture is my cousin, Kerry Ann.  The man is her husband Jay and the beautiful little girl is Molly.  We lovingly call her Molly Moo.  Molly was born on May 4, 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts.  She was born with a heart defect and heterotaxy syndrome.  That is when her inside organs are in a different position than they should be to explain it simply.  She has been such a courageous little girl and has faced more obstacles than any one does in their entire life.  She has had several open heart surgeries and has had to have a feeding tube placed and she now has a tracheotomy with a ventilator.  She finally got to go home after 8 long months but had to be recently hospitalized again with a stomach bug and dehydration.
But everyone forgets everything when she smiles and lights up the whole room.  Her parents have been extraordinarily strong right beside her every step of the way, but that is what makes exceptional parents when you have such a sick child.  You drop everything in your life to keep your little girl as healthy and happy that's possible.  When life gets you down, just remember Molly and any insignificant problems will seem petty compared to what this family has had to go through.  I will try to keep updates on this blog periodically.  

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